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Oct 4, 2012

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Lord, I love you.
I love you for your ability to see.
For your ability to see beyond our simple perceptions of what is,
To what can be, and what will be;
To things way beyond what we would even think possible.

You looked at a man named Saul,
A man intent on destroying all that Jesus had accomplished,
by persecuting all who had recognized Him as Messiah.
Satan looked at this and laughed, thinking he’d won the game.

But when You looked at Saul, you saw not an enemy,
but a man to be rescued from the grip of the evil one.
You saw not an enemy, but a key player who would take the gospel to the rest of the world.

As we look at today’s world Lord, give us Your vision.
We see men like the president and the supreme religious leader of Iran, whose lives and goals seem to be totally dominated by the evil one. The Prince of Persia thinks he has them under his thumb, and once again thinks he’ll win the game.

Lord, let us see what You see.
May we exult in Your victory – not a victory over those whom the enemy has enslaved, but over the enemy himself.
Thy Kingdom come, Lord Jesus.
Thy will be done.


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