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Jupiter takes 11.862615 years to orbit the Sun. For Jupiter we can expect some kind of conjunction with Regulus every 12 years. Each conjunction is part of an 83-year series of 7, again starting and ending with single conjunctions near the Sun. As with Saturn’s conjunctions, each series makes a gradual transition from single to double to triple and back, with two or three triple conjunctions in the middle of the series. So Jupiter’s triple conjunctions are a little more than twice as frequent as Saturn’s triple conjunctions, occurring at a frequency of two or three every 83 years.

It’s found that 7 orbits (83 years) produce a fairly stable cycle of Jupiter (meaning that it’s at close to the same time of year at beginning and end, and without too much shift in the geometry of the conjunctions), and that 29 orbits (344 years) is even more stable.

If the Sabbath year at the end of one Jubilee cycle is marked by a triple conjunction of Jupiter with Regulus, we can expect the Jubilee year that comes seven Jubilee cycles plus one year later to be marked by a similar triple conjunction of Jupiter with Regulus.

Here’s a summary of this plus some other known mathematical correlations between Jupiter and a 49-year Jubilee cycle:

Orbit: 11.862615 yrs
1x Cycle: 12 yrs
7x Cycle: (7 x 12) – 1 = 83 yrs
29x Cycle: (4 x 83) + 12 = 344 yrs = 7 Jubilees + 1
66x Cycle: (9 x 83) + (3 x 12) = 783 yrs = 16 Jubilees – 1
95x Cycle: (13 x 83) + (4 x 12) = 1127 yrs = 23 Jubilees
347x Cycle: 4116 yrs = 84 Jubilees


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