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Uranus takes 84.016846 years to orbit the Sun. The study of its cycle is yet to be completed and written up. Though its conjunctions aren’t visible to the casual observer, this planet too seems to have a cycle related to the Jubilee cycle, probably working behind the scenes to help fine tune the precise timing of the cycles of the visible planets, with probably its strongest influence being on the paths taken by Saturn and Jupiter.

An interesting initial observation is that its basic orbit of 84 years = (12 x 7 yrs) is close to Jupiter’s first stable cycle of 83 years = (12 x 7 yrs) – 1 . When Jupiter’s cycles are explored more deeply, we find a finely tuned major cycle of 4116 years which perfectly matches the Jubilee cycle at (12 x 7 x 49 yrs), or (84 x 49 yrs). Uranus comes close to marking this same period, with 49 cycles = 4116.825 yrs. This near match of the numbers 84 and 4116 suggests that the intended role of Uranus may be to assist in this fine tuning of Jupiter’s cycle. The smallest Jubilee-oriented cycle marked by Uranus is 7 cycles = 588.118 yrs = 12 Jubilees


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