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Examining the Morning and Evening Star Patterns of Venus


The Venus alignment of 33/4/6 repeats every 8 years

The Venus/Mercury alignment of 33/4/6 repeats on every fifth Venus alignment, or 40 years minus a few days

Eight Julian years is 2922 days. Subtracting 2 days each time gives us a Step Scale of 2920 days. This Step Scale value allows us to track the pattern fairly closely in the Graphical window of Solex.

Every fifth step gives us about 40 years, at which point we see the Venus/Mercury alignment repeated

Here are the approximate dates of the 5 preceding and 5 following occurrences of this pattern as identified by stepping through Solex 40 years at a time:


Now change the Time Unit to yrJ and the Step Scale to 980. In the Graphical Window we now see the pattern closely reproduced on the following dates:


So I see that these are similar to the previously studied Mercury/Venus patterns, having a fairly good reproduction every 40 years, eventually fading out at the ends, but coming back with a more precise reproduction every 980 years. How long the every-40-year series will last, I don’t know. I need to run a Solex search to collect all these in more precise form and evaluate.

Once I have the complete series constructed, then I can return to the Graphical Window to evaluate the relative positions of the other visible planets – and see if any of the other occurrences reproduce the special feature in 33AD of Venus being the only morning star for 4 months after being set loose by Mercury.


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