Signs and Seasons, Days and Years



In PDF format

Rediscovering an Ancient Chronology – Worksheet: A graphical outline of the correlations between astronomical observations and historical events, and their relationship to Daniel’s prophecy of the 7 sevens and 62 sevens, as identified in “Rediscovering an Ancient Chronology”. For best viewing, download the pdf file and view it on your own computer, where you can then readily flip the pages forward or backward while examining the correlations, as you might do with a powerpoint presentation.

Rediscovering an Ancient Chronology – Worksheet, blank: A template for using pencil and paper to work through the correlations of astronomical observations and historical events identified in “Rediscovering an Ancient Chronology,” filling in the details step by step. For best use, download and print the pdf file (just a single page). The filled-in worksheet above can then be used as a guide, with each page showing the next step in analysis of the correlations.

In scribd format


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