Signs and Seasons, Days and Years

Appendix A

The 7 sevens and 62 sevens of Daniel 9
When we look at the exceptionally close conjunctions of Venus with Jupiter, together with the triple conjunctions of Jupiter or Saturn with Regulus that begin near the Hebrew New Year, we find them working together to mark out a timetable which matches up with the Daniel 9 prophecy of the 7 sevens and 62 sevens. Note that each of the three time periods below has one endpoint marked with both a triple conjunction of Jupiter or Saturn with Regulus, and a conjunction of Venus with Jupiter. Three total lunar eclipses occurring in this period have also been added into the chart, because they too seem to fit into the picture in meaningful ways.
608BC, Sep 9 New Year, a warning sign to Jehoiakim in his first offical year as king of Judah
Jupiter/Regulus triple – Sep 22, Jan 21, May 21, at full moons of months 7, 11, and 2
Begin 70 year desolation
597BC, Mar 16, Sabbath year
Jerusalem beseiged, Jehoiachin exiled, captives and Temple treasures carried off to Babylon
587BC, Sep 17 New Year, a warning sign of the imminent destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple
Saturn/Regulus triple – Oct 17, Dec 5, Jun 27, at new moon of month 8, and full moons of months 9 and 4
554BC, Jan 27, 1st year of Sabbath cycle, marking 42 of 70 years completed
Venus/Jupiter @ 0m, 2s
538/537BC, decree of Cyrus that the Temple be rebuilt
Temple’s foundation laid but work interrupted
537BC, Apr 23 & Oct 17
Total lunar eclipse at sunset ending Passover, visible from Babylon but probably not Jerusalem
Total lunar eclipse at sunrise a day and a half before Sukkot, visible from both Jerusalem and Babylon
537BC, Oct 4 New Year, Jupiter/Regulus conjunction begins Oct 28
This is month 1, day 24 by fall year reckoning, the day of the Daniel 10-11 vision
The vision occurs on a Sabbath day, ending Daniel’s 3 weeks of fasting which began on the first Sabbath of the year. It may have been at this visit from Gabriel that Daniel was told what the wise men who followed him were to watch for as a sign of the coming of the King of the Jews, in conjunction with the vision recorded in Daniel 10-11 which outlines the political events that would precede His coming.
The following sign 9 years later, marking the end of the 70 years, has the same pattern as the sign which ultimately would mark the year of the Messiah’s birth. It may have served the additional purpose of giving the wise men a clear example of what those who followed them were to watch for as the sign of the Messiah’s birth. Daniel, if he lived to see this, was likely 90-95 years old at this point.
End 70 year desolation
528BC, Sep 25 New Year, Sabbath year 527BC, May 14, Sabbath year
Saturn/Regulus triple – Sep 30, Dec 27, Jun 18 Venus/Jupiter @ 0m, 36s
520/519BC, Darius renews the decree of Cyrus
Work resumes on the Temple
515BC, Mar 12
Rebuilding of Temple completed
Begin 7 sevens
513BC, Aug 11, Sabbath year 513BC, Sep 8 New Year, Jubilee year
Venus/Jupiter @ 0m, 21s Jupiter/Regulus triple – Sep 7, Feb 22, Apr 28
This is the first Jubilee period after both the decree of Cyrus and its renewal by Darius. It’s also the first Jubilee period in the newly rebuilt Temple, and is the only complete Jubilee period before the final decree begins the count of the 62 sevens.
End 7 sevens
464BC, Oct 28, Jubilee year
Venus/Jupiter @ 0m,14s
445BC, month 1 (Hoehner 444BC)
Final decree – Nehemiah sent to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem
445BC, Oct 2 (Hoehner 444BC)
Walls completed
443BC, Apr 4
Total lunar eclipse at sunset beginning Passover
The 62 sevens begin with the first Sabbath year cycle after the final decree
Begin 62 sevens
443BC – 436BC seven 1 of 62
436BC – 429BC seven 2 of 62
149BC, Jan 28, Sabbath year ending seven 42 148BC, Apr 20, during Passover, 1st yr of Sabbath cycle
Venus/Jupiter @ 0m 43s Venus/Jupiter @ 0m 23s, marking 42 of 62 sevens completed
End 62 sevens
23BC – 16BC seven 61 of 62
16BC – 9BC seven 62 of 62
Messiah’s coming is to be after 62 sevens, when 62 have been completed, but not yet 63
Begin 7-year window
9BC – 2BC, 7-year window for the Messiah’s coming
The coming of the Messiah, in the year 3/2 BC
3BC, Sep 11 New Year, Sabbath year 2BC, Jun 17, Sabbath year
Jupiter/Regulus triple – Sep 14, Feb 17, May 9 Venus/Jupiter @ 0m 35s
End 7-year window
2BC, Sep 30 New Year
Marking a new era, with the Messiah on the throne
33AD, Sep 14 New Year, Sabbath year
Saturn/Regulus triple – Sep 12, Jan 28, Jun 4
Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,
who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame,
and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Hebrews 12:2

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