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Dad – I’m so glad that this July 4…

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Jennifer Johnson shared a memory — with Allan Johnson.

Dad – I’m so glad that this July 4 was better and that I didn’t get any scary phone calls – also that you’ve so fully healed from this near death experience. Love you.

2 Years Ago

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My Fourth of July: I worked from 11 am-7 pm (was the closing manager at work, we closed at 6). When I got to work I did not have my keys (they were at home in my pants). This worked out; another manager stopped by and leant me theirs. When I got off work I had a call from my sister to call her before going home. Thought? Oh, maybe we have cool July 4 plans. Reality? My dad was in the emergency room for head trauma from falling about 5 feet into a cement drainage ditch at the park, so my sister gave me the address for the hospital where I spent the rest of my evening. He was transferred to the ICU and may be there a couple days. Please pray for healing.

It probably helps that I’m not a very patriotic person, having grown up elsewhere and all. I was looking forward to food — which I got leftovers of, and vaguely wanted to see fireworks that I got to glimpse driving my mom and I home from the hospital last night… but not the July 4 I was expecting at all.

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