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May 7, 2016

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A02JAA Man walking dog

Master to Mastiff –

M1: Whoa, now. Don’t need to be tuggin’ so hard.

M2: But this leash is so limiting. Why do I have to wear it?

M1: If you only knew all the pickles that leash has saved you from, you’d thank me for it.

M2: But if I didn’t have this old leash, I think I could’a got that squirrel back there!

M1: Ahh, old boy. Thinkin’ and knowin’ aren’t quite the same thing.

There is one whose thinkin’ and knowin’ are exactly the same. But just one. And it’s not you, old boy. And… I’m slow to admit it sometimes, but it’s not me either.

There is One, though. And there’s comin’ a glorious day when we’ll get to meet Him face to face. When that day comes, I think we’ll be suddenly seein’ things a lot different than we do now. We’ll start to see the missing pieces that we’ve wondered about. It’s gonna become so clear, all the amazing things He’s done all along the way to clear a path for us to walk on, and our hearts’ll just be so full we won’t be able to let go of Him. We won’t be able to stop thankin’ Him for everything He did for us, to show us the way home.


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