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Feb 10, 2014

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family photo2

These guys aren’t often able to get together for a family photo!

Mark: Temporal coordinates?

Allan: This is June 18 of 3502 BC, astronomical year -3501

Mark: And why were you looking at that year?

Allan: It was several years ago that I stumbled onto this interesting get-together. What I was actually studying at the time was correlations between Saturn and Jupiter. Their pattern of correlations led me to a fairly short list of potentially interesting years. This was one of them, and it turned out to be more interesting than just a get-together of Saturn and Jupiter.

Allan: It’s cool enough just that the five visible planets plus Uranus and Neptune were there together. But then the natural question was, “What about the one missing planet? Where was Pluto when all the rest were gathered together like this?” And after adjusting the visibility settings to make it show up, there it was too – off to the side of the path as is typical for Pluto, but yet for these few days of history, right there in the same constellation as all the rest.


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