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Aug 28, 2013

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from Link Cooper: Allan- Are you aware of the upcoming comet? Ison is due for an appearance in Oct. Of particular note is a fairly close conjunction starring Mars, Regulus and Comet Ison. Oct 16. The bad news is it will be in the wee hrs of the morning for us.

Just wanted to make sure you know…

Allan: Thanks for the alert – no, I’m not yet tuned in to that. Interesting – I looked it up, expecting that this might be the start of a triple conjunction of Mars with Regulus. It’s not, but what Mars does do is probably more interesting. It goes on to Virgo and there does its retrograde motion, such that it’s somewhere on Virgo from December all the way to next August – being at the heart of Virgo on Apr 15 at the first Passover eclipse of the coming tetrad, which will also be in Virgo, right next to Spica.

I’ve been semi-ignoring the coming tetrad. There’s a lot of hype going around about it that feels overblown and not grounded in facts. But this is getting my attention…


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