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Apr 12, 2012

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Got to take another break from shredding old papers. I came across this small bit of paper that seems worth preserving. Or its content anyway. I believe this was written from the perspective of a plane ride in 2004, on the way to a New Testament dedication up in the north:

Why does a river meander so?
From way up above, from this bird’s eye view,
I can see a clear direction that each river takes.
But it’s apparently in no hurry at all to get there.

It curves to the right, to pass by Manang Jojo’s place;
It curves to the left past a mango grove.
In its playful, carefree meandering, it appears sometimes
to almost loop back on itself.

But one rule it cannot break.
It can never return to where it has already been.
And, despite its apparent disregard for any goal,
step by step it continues on, getting ever closer to the destiny that drives it forward.

Whatever happens;
Whatever twists and turns and detours;
It always reaches the sea.


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